About TorZo

TorZo Surfaces is a division of Specialty Polymers, a family-owned company that develops and manufactures water-based polymers used in making paints, sealers and adhesives. After years of research and market development, TorZo Surfaces officially launched in 2008, introducing a unique and stunning line of interior surfacing materials. Through its unique infusion process, TorZo melds the science of polymer chemistry with the sustainability of recycled wood and agricultural by-products to create six durable and elegant architectural surface materials.

An Unexpected Journey
Our journey began in 2004 as a research and development project that focused on infusing solid wood with an acrylic polymer. The acrylic-infused wood was launched under the name WoodSure™, which still processes solid wood materials that are used for flooring and furniture, as well as by artists. By 2007, the sustainable community was clamoring for green materials that could be used in the building industry. Specialty Polymers responded and began applying its polymer infusion technology to a wide range of sustainable composite boards made of recycled timber and agricultural by-products. In 2008, TorZo launched with four lines of sustainable surfacing products made from wheat, sunflower hulls, Forest Stewardship Council® certified MDF and particle board. TorZo has since expanded to include six surfacing products: Durum (wheat), Hemp, Indure (recycled wood fiber), Orient (recycled wood chips), Parda (recycled wood fiber) and Tiikeri (sorghum).

TorZo’s polymer infusion process significantly increases the hardness and durability of the natural boards we use. Available in a variety of colors, TorZo’s wood- and grass-based materials are a stylish option for high-wear and decorative indoor environments.

Products & Distribution
TorZo Surfaces has an extensive distribution network with distributors and sales agents located throughout the United States. Please visit our product pages to learn more about each of our products.

All TorZo products are manufactured at Specialty Polymers’ Woodburn, OR headquarters.


No added urea formaldehyde

All of our products contain no added urea formaldehyde, helping to create healthier indoor air quality.


Recycled content — wheat, sorghum, hemp and wood — constitutes 50%-75% of our sheet goods. We utilize parts of these crops and scraps of timber that would otherwise go to landfills.

Rapidly renewable

The wheat, sorghum and hemp fibers that create such unique TorZo textures come from plants that grow quickly and are considered rapidly renewable.

Certified wood

TorZo Surfaces uses recycled wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. Ask for FSC or SFI products.

Waste-To-Energy Program


TorZo Surfaces maintains a clear focus on environmental stewardship through the use of recycled, rapidly renewable, and FSC® certified raw materials. In addition, no added urea formaldehyde is present in any TorZo product.
In a continuing effort to expand sustainable practices in the lifecycle of TorZo Surfaces panels, we’re launching the Waste-To-Energy program.


The TorZo Surfaces manufacturing facility is in Woodburn, a community located in Marion County, OR. The keystone of Marion County’s solid waste disposal system is the Waste-To-Energy Facility located in Brooks, OR. By burning waste, the W-T-E facility generates approximately 13 Megawatts of electricity annually, enough to provide power for a city the size of Woodburn every year. As would be expected, the facility performs extensive air and ash quality monitoring in compliance with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. To date, its environmental compliance record has been exceptional.
Beginning in January of 2015, TorZo Surfaces will facilitate the reclamation of any TorZo panels that have reached the end of their usable life, and transport them back to the W-T-E facility for incineration. This reclamation initiative will be funded by TorZo Surfaces and will be implemented in such a way as to take as little effort as possible by the party, or parties, returning the panels. In addition to this initiative to reclaim unusable panels from jobsites and installations, TorZo Surfaces will be processing all post-industrial manufacturing waste materials through the W-T-E facility.


All panels to be reclaimed by Torzo Surfaces should be removed from the jobsite and packaged for shipping. Large amounts of panels will require palletizing for pickup by common carrier, while smaller amounts can be boxed for shipment via FEDEX or UPS. Full sized panels can be easily cut into smaller pieces to facilitate packaging.
Contact TorZo Surfaces to arrange for pickup of the panels by calling 1-866-822-0002, or emailing wte@torzosurfaces.com.
TorZo will make arrangements to have the shipment picked up and returned to the plant for transportation to the Waste-To-Energy Facility in Brooks, OR.
That’s all there is to it! If certification is required, TorZo will be happy to provide a receipt from the Waste-To-Energy Facility, showing that the material was delivered there for incineration.


Any questions or comments regarding TorZo Surfaces’ Waste-To-Energy Initiative should be directed to wte@torzosurfaces.com or 1-866-822-0002. More extensive details on the processes and performance data for the Marion County, Oregon Waste-To-Energy Facility can be found on their website.

Only a few styles are shown; for more information contact us or visit the manufacturers website.


Balsa panels were conceptualized for interior designers and architects who continually search for sustainably sourced, naturally lighter and unique material surfacing options. Sourced from rapidly-renewable tree plantations in South America and certified by the Forest Stewardship
 Council®, Balsa panels provide excellent strength with stunning raw aesthetics. To achieve this, TorZo® uses proprietary layering processes that retain the natural beauty of balsa while increasing the rigidness-to-weight properties. With raw elegance, Balsa is a premier selection
 for those looking for sustainable, decorative paneling in commercial or residential settings.

Balsa Fusion is TorZo’s latest addition to its line of sustainable surfacing materials. Nature provided the balsa tree with its unique lightness and structure, and our proprietary acrylic infusion and dye process enhances and elevates this already beautiful material. Using 100% balsa wood as a substrate, TorZo® infuses each panel to produce new levels of depth and warmth for interior spaces. Balsa Fusion expands the potential of color and texture application while retaining the desirable characteristics of both durability and sustainability. Perfectly suitable in high traffic and demanding installations, Balsa Fusion can be tailored for nearly any interior application


Denim is made from acrylic infused recycled denim scraps. It is the perfect product for horizontal, vertical and specialty applications in any market segment.

Excellent performance and durability is achieved through the exclusive TorZo Surfaces infusion process. The Denim board is infused with an acrylic resin, resulting in a panel that is extremely hard and durable, with outstanding resistance to abrasion and scratching. Standard lamination to a Baltic Birch plywood backer board gives the panel added dimensional strength. TorZo’s infusion process allows Denim to be cut, fabricated and machined with standard tooling.

Denim is offered in two surface treatments: one is finished without filling surface voids, providing a more rustic, textured appearance, and the other is filled and sanded, which eliminates the majority of the surface voids (perfect for horizontal applications


Orient’s unique, abstract pattern, which comes from Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified recycled wood chips, is sure to draw attention in any setting. From countertops to flooring, Orient is a very versatile materials that gives any project an added layer of depth and sophistication. Like all TorZo products, Orient contains no added urea formaldehyde and is easy to fabricate.


Bold and exotic, Tiikeri’s tiger-like stripes come from strands of sorghum straw. This sustainable surface material’s striking pattern will liven any environment, whether it’s used vertically in panels or horizontally in flooring. Like all TorZo products, Tiikeri contains no added urea formaldehyde and can contribute to LEED certification when used in green building projects.

For more information or any questions you might have please call 913-302-4130, or Email us to learn more