GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring

Bring a touch of nature to your interior with GreenClaimed® cork flooring. Featuring a Mother-Earth-approved palette of warm, brown textures, with all the Eco and comfort benefits of cork flooring. Naturally hygienic, mold and water resistant, cork flooring is perfect for any room in your home including kitchens and baths.

Manufactured from reclaimed material from the cork wine bottling industry, GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring is an amazing alternative to traditional hardwood or tile flooring. If you have ever opened a bottle of wine, then you have probably noticed that the cork top has some unique physical properties which translate into an amazingly quiet, comfortable, and durable floor.

Going where hardwoods can’t.

    • Elastic properties make a softer more comfortable floor
    • Great sound and temperature insulator
    • Easy maintenance: simply vacuum and mop
    • 42.8% recycled content

Cali Bamboo also makes Cali Bamboo Plywood as well as many unique and different bamboo items such as fencing, decking and even Palm thatch roofing.


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