“Is Richlite really paper?”

Richlite is an incredibly durable, extremely versatile, and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper. Originally developed over 70 years ago for industrial tooling and pattern making, Richlite has expanded into a premium surface material used in the aerospace, marine, action sports, culinary, architecture, and design industries, and in machine shops and automotive manufacturing. Handmade from many layers of high quality custom craft paper, Richlite’s surface texture comes from the natural variation in the way fibers lay within the paper. Composed of approximately 65% FSC®-certified or recycled paper content and 35% phenolic resin, Richlite’s color comes from a combination of the paper and the amber tone of the resin.

Stain Resistant Generally speaking, Richlite® resists stains quite well. As with most any material, there is potential for some staining, particularly from red wines, juices, and mustard when left in contact for prolonged periods of time. Most spills and light stains may be cleaned with soap and warm water and scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. More stubborn stains may be repaired by a light refinishing of the material. Visit the Care & Maintenance link for further information.

Scratch Resistant It’s significantly harder than wood but, like most countertop materials, can, under force, be scratched or gouged. Richlite® countertops should not be used as a cutting surface. Because Richlite is a solid color all the way through, when scratches do occur, there will be no difference in color – unlike many solid surfaces where the scratch appears as a different color then the material. Use of a separate Richlite® cutting board is recommended. Most cuts, scratches and nicks can be repaired with a light refinishing.

Heat Resistant Richlite® is heat resistant up to 350º F. Due to its high heat resistance, the material does not need additional protection near stove areas though a trivet or hot pad is recommended to ensure no damage will be caused by exceedingly hot pots and pans pulled directly out of the oven.

Sanitary Richlite® is recognized for its sanitary performance appreciated by chefs in the home and in high profile commercial kitchens. The National Sanitation Foundation, which sets standards for food service-related products has certified Richlite® 1000 for use as cutting boards with direct food contact in restaurants. The same material is used in Richlite® countertops. The surface is impervious and does not support the colonization of bacteria.

Extended Cantilevers and Long Spans Due to the long, tough fibers inside Richlite®, the material will not bend or break under normal circumstances. As a result architects and designers love the stuff because they can design long spans and extended cantilevers without adding extra support. As a rule of thumb, 3/4″-thick material is structurally stable with a 12″ overhang, 1″-thick material is stable up to an 18″ overhang, and 1 1/2″-thick is stable up to 24″.

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