color-blendsEnjoy this area of color-blends to help you envision how you want us to blend your new surface.  All surfaces produced by Recycled Surfaces are blended to specification.  This can be a little overwhelming so we have built a collection of color-blends as produced for previous clients.  Below you will see a selection of these blends.  Your task when looking at these color-blends is to imagine your color scheme pictured in the blend; for instance, below in RS_2349 you will see blue bottle glass and you might want green or brown bottle glass.  I will work with you to devise the blend to your desires, and then we will have a sample produced to be sure we are making it correctly.  From this blend and your approval of the sample, we will make your new counter-top, shower-walls, shower-pan or the surfaces area of your choosing.

So which blend is your favorite?

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