Recycled Surfaces glass countertopsRecycled Surfaces glass countertops blended to your color specifications and made to size with little to no waste and produced in Kansas City.  Recycled Surfaces is the creator of renewable, long-lasting, high-performing surfaces made from Ripple Glass, glass that is landfill bound material.  Their passion is to find alternative use for all waste-stream byproducts.

“Born from innovation and raised at a recycling facility our products are made with only 100% recycled aggregates including post-consumer and post-industrial glass and post-industrial porcelain.”  Currently producing countertops, vanity tops, architectural panels, restroom dividers and shower pans to name a few items.  We are invited to challenge them to innovate and produce whatever you can imagine.

Whether you choose a current composite recipe (see the next web page) or decide to create your own, our aggregates and matrix can meet most aesthetic designs.

What can we make for you?  Recycled Surfaces glass countertops could be used as a bathroom vanity, a kitchen countertop, a bar-top for the man-cave (did you know we could under-light it) or maybe you want to get more creative with a window seat, shower basin or curb to match the vanity, window sills or that new outdoor kitchen you’ve been wanting.  Just about anything you can imagine can be made.  So let’s get creative, put me to work for you, it’s what I like to do.

For the corporate sector, we also make board-room tables, coffee station surfaces, reception desks, bathroom partitions and we can even put your logo into the surface.


For more information or any questions you might have please call 913-302-4130, or Email us to learn more