We are the sustainable “green” source for unique and beautiful countertops made of recycled glass and recycled paper as well as bamboo or quartz.

Imagine a countertop that is made locally from glass recycled in Kansas City and blended to your color pallet – what could be more sustainable than that, and yet beautiful too?  I’m talking about Recycled Surfaces countertops, but they will make for you any surface you can imagine from window sills, to shower bases, to table tops and board room tables too – click here for more on RECYCLED SURFACES

Vetrazzo is one of the first manufacturers to make a recycled glass countertop.  Their newest incantation includes tile and did you know they make cabinet pulls and knobs that sparkle like jewelry too. – click here for more on VETRAZZO

Richlite is the originator of recycled paper composite used for countertops and many other surface products as well – click here for more on RICHLITE

PaperStone has been making their recycled paper counter tops since the 50’s – click here for more on PAPERSTONE

Higuera is a manufacturer of bamboo flooring and plywood but also produces a 1-1/2″ thick sheet perfect for bar-tops, countertops, tables or anywhere that you want a wood chopping block like surface – click here for more on BAMBOO