Build Green, Live Healthy

This is our motto, at Elements of Green, LLC
We would love to hear what building green and living healthy means to you?

What makes one product greener than another?

Let's agree on one point, and that being, that there is no perfect product in production today.  Which is to say that for every positive quality given to a product in production, there are an equal number of negative qualities.  For instance, if a product is recycled,...

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Does it matter?

An argument can be made that global warming is a natural occurrence or it is caused by man's activities.  That same argument cannot be made about trash filling landfills beyond capacity.  We must find alternate uses for trash and specifically production waste.  Waste...

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Why is green living healthy?

Business and or the government, are not going to protect us.  For example, the EPA is in business to protect the environment.  If a product is low in volatile organic compound's (low VOC's), this has nothing to do with the toxicity of the product.  VOC's are chemicals...

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What makes a product green?

A product is considered to be 'green' / sustainable, if it is comprised of recycled content, rapidly renewable content, is locally sourced and / or does not harm you or the environment with its use. Reaching us has gotten easier.  You can still find us at...

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The new website is active

The New Website is active! Details Written by Gerould Sabin Published: 27 April 2017 I am are excited to announce the new website is active!  The Elements of Green web presence is designed to be more user friendly, where the experience is more rewarding, no matter on...

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Concrete countertops

[UPDATED] Concrete Countertops, do you want them in your kitchen? From an article in Houzz Details Written by Gerould Sabin Published: 21 October 2015 Do you want concrete countertops? We are frequently asked about concrete countertops from the 'green' point of view....

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Is it time to purchase LED lighting

Is it time to purchase LED lighting? My wife and I are evaluating changing existing light bulbs to LED bulb replacements and want to know if it is time to purchase LED light bulbs.  Actually, we have been looking into the LED bulbs for many years, and found the light...

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Sustainable remodel – Brookside bungalow

We hope you will enjoy this sustainable remodel of a Brookside home we were thrilled to help with.  At Elements of Green we love what we do.  Our clients are passionate about their homes and about the design changes they envision and we get to be involved in these...

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Formaldehyde Causes Cancer

Formaldehyde Causes Cancer U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius released the 12th Report on Carcinogens on June 10, 2011. The Report on Carcinogens (RoC) is a congressionally mandated, science-based, public health document that is...

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Build Green, Live Healthy™, that's our motto at Elements of Green, LLC

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