Build Green, Live Healthy

Build Green, Live Healthy, that’s our motto.

Build Green, Live HealthyWho we are:  As a manufacturers representative for sustainable ‘green’ building products, we have the opportunity to speak with clients about their concerns as well as speaking with our manufacturers about industry trends.  In the last few years the conversation has been changing from ‘green’ to is the product healthy?  A typical question we receive goes something like this; will my family be harmed by the use of this product, or if I install this flooring in my home will my family be more prone to cancer.  Fortunately for us, the product manufacturers who specialize in sustainable products have always been as concerned about the healthy side of material selection as they have been with the raw material selection that makes the product sustainable.

My home is my castle, and I can help you make yours one too.At Elements of Green we want to modernize your castle.  You may live in a home in the suburbs or a condo in the city, a tiny house or an estate on the city’s main thorough-fare?  The one thing we all have in common is our home is our castle, but our homes are also unique.

Homes need maintenance:  The one thing we all have in common is our homes require maintenance and repair.  This is where we get to have fun and make them ours.  And this is where Elements of Green can help.  At Elements of Green we specialize in sustainable, green, eco-friendly ‘healthy’ building products that are unique and beautiful.  This includes counter tops out of recycled glass, recycled paper and also bamboo.  And flooring includes Marmoleum (the original Linoleum), bamboo, cork, wool carpet or carpet made from recycled content, as well as area rugs made to size.  We also offer the widest variety of tile that contains recycled content that may be used on floors, walls and back-splash.  For construction of cabinetry, table tops and other surface solutions, we can help you with plywood made from bamboo, sorghum, and wheat straw to name just a few.

We come to you:  After 8 years in the Kansas City Crossroads, as a retailer of sustainable building, remodeling and finishing solutions we closed the showroom to focus our efforts on you, in your home.  We bring you sustainable, green, consulting in your home, and of course the products to go along with it.  By eliminating our showroom, it frees us up to see you where the project is actually being installed – in your home.  We are thrilled to consult with you, to help establish your design goals, and to recommend appropriate material selections for your project.  We will source the selected materials and provide installation when necessary.  We can begin with an initial design consultation in the convenience of your home or meet you someplace for coffee.

Serving the "MINK" States: Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas with a focus on the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.


Build Green, Live Healthy™, that's our motto at Elements of Green, LLC

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